Sunday, 29 March 2009

you B.O.R.e me...

what am I trying to do now is wasting my tyme as much as I can..hehe .tomorow is Monday u knoe, n I got class. Uh, like I care, bwek!.

Um, what can I say huh, my life quite okay lately.Everything goin smooth, good life, good

new stuff, good friends, but my pocket money not so good la…(hehe just like usual)..everything is

so great I, but y I still feel incomplete like something missing maybe, or maybe im

missing something or maybe I missed to do something..wuteva crap it is..i just feel it. Sumtymes

I need to pretend to be sum1 else to make people satisfied with me.but actually they hate it. They said I shouldn’t hv to do such thing. But when I become myself, arh, they still didnt satisfied with whateva i tried to be.. They still hate it.Duh.. so I don’t move, just shut and do nothing. Cuz wuteva move I take, it’s still wrong.So wuteva i do, it will never be the right thing rite. Hee..even how hard am I trying to prove dat its not my fault, it still mine.huh. its still mine wuteva it is.ya lah, 4 sure I did wrong sumtymes but ….erh, did I never do the right thing? Did I never be good at least or maybe a bit? Never? Did I never left any sweet memories even once?

Is dat all the bad things ive done? .sometyme when I started to hate sum1, I really do, hated so

deeply, I keep on telling myself, the bad things they did, the bad words they said to me. I

blocked my mind from giving chance to think about how good they ever be to me. Then my heart full with hatred i cant stop it nemore. C how great the 2%of mistakes can lead to full-

hatred until people get blind. The cant c the good things nemore, cant gv the chance for forgivnes nemore…not even gv the chance to appreciate the best things they have before.cuz people get blind, they full of hatred.huhu…c hw funny dis thing is. Hurm. But since I couldn’t think of any

gud things dat I ever did, maybe I did, maybe I did not, I hardly cant remember anymore so I have no right to claim for it. Let it be, cuz people used to seek for other people’s mistake rather

than seeking for their…so what’s the purpose of inviting sum1 u asked to ‘’stay away

from u”, sum1 who make ur life become miserable huh? gee, just feel like to do so ha?, dun
ever do something without purpose, it getting worse (so mengantok) huah…saje merepek buat kerepek

3 o’clock chow.=)

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