Monday, 16 May 2011


99%? how could it be possible?. we're medical student for godsake!. it's 99%. that's how u do it?
sorry, it dont make sense to my silly ears( it just me, im a bit silly). i could manage myself 60% enough to pass with my half body paralysed after that.fooh..and 99%? way too much for me..i dont know what u're doing to your brain, it must be something gifted or trained well , but it just damn!. what are u? what creature are u?dont u see urself as someone weird? i reckon u must've some feeling of being different than the community..maybe. when the whole world moving on and u just stare at one point which is the books. why dont u feel like get ur ass up, being loud, get rough, and noise...loose urself or something? dont u...dont u think it's some part of missing to ur hell routine> how could u do that, it's ignorance. apparate in a world like normal while u're the other thing. u know what i mean. (u dont) no matter what, u're insane lunatic creepy genius. u're still wondrous (maybe u just have to fix a lil on ur face, then there it is.. no no i was just kidding. u're perfect) keep up~