Sunday, 29 March 2009

i KiSSED A Girl... NOT My INteNTIoN...(tot just a title from katy perry)

huhu…. i don’t knoe wut to do with my blog..this is not the location of my feeling….i only come undone in myself, in my heart.(berengset)… i keep thinking wut is blog use 4? and i’m tired to even think about it…=/hurm, what to say huh,the becoming examination are soo close and it didn’t go to waste i think, cuz i’m still alive..hoho. but i’m pretie sick rite now. currently, i’m watching shin chan/dik cerdas, super miang and naughty boy like hell!..haha..i like this cartoon, so cute.okay2, so rite here, through all of the blogs i’ve read, most of them revolve around love and relationships. when i m\ean about relationship, i’m talking bout the one on one kind, urm….sumthing like girl n guy, guy n guy, girl n girl….whuteva it is suits 4. i’m talking bout the relations that rili exist in this world…we call it ‘life’ rite. the straight relationship is common in our daily life, but wut make me wonder,’wut’s the actual thing that turns out this kinda…gay or lesb or bi. i remember, when i was in form 3,i hang out wit one of my buddy who’s involved wit this kinda..hurm lesbo, i’m not shock at all, but i’m wondered.. and sumtyme i do blame my lesb buddy, why she involved wit all of this shit…she told me,this is not the actual thing her heart wanted for.i’ve seen the heart break inside of her,the way she choose to be, the regardless of good or bad, (derw, yela tuh)has lead her here(lesb community..ahaks!) and i just huh, ‘lantak kau ar’… i’m a type of gurl who didn’t care too much bout other people, i just… live my life, love my love..hahahaha…. i used to be an easily trust-giving person before, trust.. until one stage in my life, i’m giving up my trust in… …i don’t know in what, but all i knoe i’m giving up.. my…trust, and start feeling insecurity most tyme as i can’t easily trust. .huh, there’s two type of gurls after they ‘or being hurt, the one who keep trying and the another one who bcome "phobia tic" person,then tend to do sumthing like stupid, idiot things!( no matter what it is). no, i’m not going to talk so much on dis.
why is that, most people just having fun wit sum1 like-minded? could it be possible the loyalty to take place? honesty? maybe this is true, "the teenagers get into relationship to fulfill their lustful desires rather than it being a pure commitment to each others wholistic needs" im totally agreed with this statement…huh, our lives are pawned to fate….nah, the issue is so played, that i’m tired to even think about it.."..people that afraid to face the same experience in the straight relatioFont sizen, r tend to choose the another path (this is really for you) (muslim got ‘imaan’ to prevent this, i still have. hehe)so, for this very fact my dear friends, some kinda bi/gay are not fully hv any feelings towards their own sex, but they choose to be that way untill the true person will come their way. they actually still open their heart,but be fully certain b4 they close it.(thesis 3 roman)so, before they close it, they r still waiting fer sum1 to grab them outa from this………okay2..i know, i know.. i’ve talked so much and i will stop crapping, k…..stay safe and god .bless…i am a normal human being, natural feeling towards opposite sex…heehee….-writer-
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