Sunday, 29 March 2009

when u hate sum1 u can’t hate

when u be sum1 u don’t know

when u miss sumthing u can’t tell

when u heart sum1 (so much) u can’t feel

when u think about the old tymes,

u think about how great the thing is for you..

but when u think it twice,

u wonder how much u did for them?

when u think n think again,u couldnt find any, u lost..

and when u lost, u cant do anything, u cant move, u stare.

when u loved sum1 which is not rili ”L.O.V.E”. they still think it is LOVE.
on the other side, it just a luv, 4 sumthing they did the best 4 u before, its not sumthing u want from them.
when u keep on blaming others, u couldnt find the end of it. but when u try to look at ur own mistakes, u dunno how to fix it. u think u will b given the second chance, u start a new life, u leave the past.
but the past will remain to be the past forever in you unless u fix it, or else u live with it and all the guilt will haunt untill the tymes u dunno when.
so when u hate sum1 so much, u think u hv ur right to do so, u dun realise how the ‘hate’ thingy is actually hurting urself and make ur life miserable. y dun u just love urself?..
for godsake just LEAVE IT!.

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