Sunday, 15 August 2010

what come may......

Well, I'm not givin' up, no, I'm not turnin' 'round,

By the grace of God, I'll win a shinin' crown someday.

Well, I'll keep holdin' on to that nail scarred hand;

I'm not givin' up, No, I'll keep goin' on.

I've been walkin' through the valley, thru this vale of tears;

At times I've even questioned even if my Lord was near.

Many times that ol' tempter says, "Why not turn around?

You can't get any farther, you're just losin' ground."

But, I'm not givin' up..........................................................

Would you mind to tell me, there's been something bothering me?

Why is it that old devil just won't let God's children be?

You see he has purposed and determined to get right in the way;

And turn us from the way of life and lead our souls astray.

But, I'm not givin' up, tho i'm not givin' in as well~

The jealous mind can be unfair

I hear them make their accusations

come what may

No matter what the people say
I'm never givin' up, not givin' in

If there's the slightest chance that I could win

The battle may be lost, but I can win the war

And get the lovin' back the way it was before
At times it's hard to see the changes

Or read the writing on the wall

We may become the best of strangers

But I'll keep holding on

Until I know my chance has gone


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